Employment Opportunities

      As a service to ELCA congregations, agencies and organizations, the Central/Southern Illinois Synod will post employment opportunities on its’ website (www.csis-elca.org) for a period not to exceed 60 days, subject to the following guidelines:  
     ·       All employment opportunity announcements will be sent to Cindy Koonce at cindy.koonce@csis-elca.org 
     ·       Each announcement will include the following information:  name of congregation, agency and/or organization; all appropriate contact information (e.g. name of primary contact; address; telephone number; email address, etc.); a brief description of the position and responsibilities; and any other pertinent information. 
     ·       The Central/Southern Illinois Synod does not recommend and/or endorse any of the positions that are posted on the website, nor is the synod party to any negotiations and/or other activities between prospective employers and employees. 
     ·       The Central/Southern Illinois Synod is not responsible for the accuracy of any information contained in the job posting announcement.   
     .       For more details, contact Cindy Koonce at cindy.koonce@csis-elca.org; or (217) 753-7915.