Call Process
        Your pastor has resigned and you may be asking yourself, “What do we do next?”  After notifying the synod office, the Call Process begins here at Step One.   Instructions and forms for you to complete are available to you when you click on the links below.  If you have any questions at all please call the synod office . . . (217) 753-7915 or toll free (844) 330-2747.  You may also email Pastor Ken Sandlin . . .  

* Call Process Overview
* Call Process Checklist
* Parochial Records Certification
* Communications
                                                   * Bulletin Insert
                                                   * Sample Announcements

     “Who will serve us during the call process?” Step Two is Interim Ministry.  In consultation with the bishop, your congregation’s ministry needs are assessed, and an interim pastor is appointed by the bishop with the approval of the Congregation Council(s). The documents listed below describe the process in more detail, and give information necessary to put your interim agreement in place.

                                                   * Message from Bishop Roth
                                                   * Interim Ministry Description 
                                                   * Interim Agreement Template
                                                   * Guidelines for Pastoral Services
                                                   * What Supply Pastors Need to Know 
     After steps one and two are completed, Step Three begins when a member of the synod staff meets with the Congregation Council to introduce the call process, and explains the surveys and, specifically, the procedure for completing and submitting your congregation’s Ministry Site Profile.  Only after that meeting, can the council begin working on the MSP. Copies of the documents, that will be referenced at the meeting and used by the council, are available in the list below.

* Instructions for Surveys
                                                    * Reflections Survey
                                                    * Look at Our Congregation Survey
                                                    ​* Pastoral Priorities Survey 
​                                                    * Checklist for Documents for Synod Office
​                                                    * Instructions for Completing the MSP
​                                                    * MSP Sample
​                                                    * Seven Reflections Sample