The Central/Southern Illinois Synod relates to the Ambovombe-Androy and Faradofay Synods of the
         Malagasy Lutheran Church, which has approximately 40 pastors who serve 60 congregations with
         30,000 baptized members.

    The Malagasy Lutheran Church was established in 1950 as 1,800 Lutheran congregations united.
         With almost three million baptized members it is the third largest church in Madagascar and one of
         the fastest growing Lutheran churches in the world. It is the ninth largest church in the Lutheran
         World Federation. Madagascar is located off the southeastern coast of Africa, the world’s fourth
         largest island with a population of approximate 21 million. The church has a baptized membership  
         of 3.2 million and sponsors programs for youth development, women’s ministry, interfaith
         cooperation, and radio broadcasts. Other ministries include: seminaries for men and women,
         hospitals, clinics, and nursing schools.

        (More Information:  ELCA - Malagasy Lutheran Church Details)

       The Upstate New York Synod, which is headquartered in Camillus, NY,
           consists of 60,500 baptized members in 176 congregations.  
           The synod has 302 pastors on its roster and 27 on its lay roster.

                   More Details: Official Upstate New York Synod Website